As the bear huffed back to the bus stop, he noticed a strange, friendly little house in the midst of all the faceless grey skyscrapers. “That’s funny,” the bear said, scratching his furry head, “I’ve been here a hundred times, but I’ve never seen that house before. And what does that hand symbol on the roof mean?”  #7

The bear climbed the steep ladder into the house and found it to be more pink on the inside than it was on the outside. Inside, he found an old, even pinker bunny staring at him with a quizzical expression. “Excuse me, good sir,” The bear said, “Where did this house come from? I’ve never seen it before!”  #8

“I’ve always been here,” the bunny said, lifting a skinny paw. “It’s just that you’ve never looked for me - until now.” #9

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