“But I wasn’t looking for you,” The bear protested. “Well, something within you certainly was, or else you’d never have found me,” the rabbit replied. “Why don’t you let me see your paw, and perhaps I can help you understand what it is you’re looking for.”  #10

The bunny gently held the bear’s paw with both of its soft pink hands and peered intently into the furry brown surface. “Oh!” the bunny exclaimed, “There is a break in your heart line! Very curious! Very curious indeed!”  #11

“But that’s horrible!” cried the bear, putting his fuzzy paws to his snout. “It means my heart is broken!” “It doesn’t mean that,” the rabbit said thoughtfully. “Then it means my heart is going to break!” “It doesn’t mean that either,” the rabbit calmly replied.” “Well what does it mean, then?” #12

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